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We craft immersive and interactive installations and performances,
and design experiences personalized for your guests

We take you on a captivating journey.
Our experiences not only engage you and your guests,
but empower us all to connect, reflect, and take away new insights.

Languages: English, German & Spanish



Hidden beneath your eyelids is an adventure of psychedelic proportions.

This experience is like putting a mirror in front of your visual cortex, and the visuals are mesmerizing.

Through a futuristic invention, flicker light stimulation and a sprinkle of magic, you are going to be taken on a truly incredible -and substance-free- trip into your mind’s colorful hallucinations.

🌈 Safe and effective, non-invasive and self-controllable hallucination experience

🌈 Possible as individual or group experiences

🌈 Available as either as a standalone installation or combined with our introspective performances to get a layer deeper


Dive into the realm of a wish and invoke the genie
A soothing journey to connect with the genie within.

This interactive performance offers an opportunity to be soothed by the sounds of singing bowls while exploring a wish, and then breathe while rubbing the lamp to invoke a benevolent genie residing within.

Legend has it that the genie within this ancient lamp is a benevolent entity capable of transforming the desires of each guest into tangible wishes. Amidst the soothing ambiance of a live sound bath, participants are given time to contemplate and select a wish, culminating in a transformative moment of invocation. 

Theme is customizable to suit your event’s concept!

🧞 The experience is designed for small groups of up to 5 participants at a time, with each journey lasting about 10 minutes

🧞 A relatively quiet, intimate space is required. 

🧞 This performance is best preluded by the Serensync Experience, priming participants into a receptive and creative state 


Have you ever imagined holding FIRE in your own HANDS? 
a safe and unforgettable experience

🔥 We set up the Goblet of Fire and invite people to come see it in action, even try it themselves!

🔥 Following a safety instruction, groups of up to 8 people at a time can safely hold fire in their hands 

🔥 The experience is also mesmerizing to watch, both the fire on someone’s hands and people’s fear-conquering reactions.



✅ We bring the expertise and equipment to ensure everyone’s safety. The fire is contained and lasts only a few seconds in one’s hand. 

✅ Everyone who wants to hold the fire gets a safety instruction and we support them throughout the whole experience.

✅ Tried and tested with people of all ages, outdoors and in big indoor areas 

Alternatively to holding the fire yourself, we also bring the fire to you with our own hands, as a performance

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Open the doors to a world of possibilities
A journey through space and time
Inside a travel capsule!

This immersive audio-visual experience takes participants on a journey from the 1st to the 6th dimension, according to the theory of relativity. 

In doing so, guests are able to reflect on the choices they have made in life, and obtain a greater sense of ownership over the decisions yet to come.

Also: completely programmable to any content you desire!

💫 The installation is waterproof and free-standing. It takes 1.5m x 2m of floor space, is 2.2m high, requires access to power within 50m, and must be manned.

💫 The experience can hold up to three persons at a time, and the pre-programmed dimension experience takes 7 minutes

💫 There are several potential programs that can be run, depending on the theme, needs and resources of the event

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This playful installation invites you to move with the reacting hi-tech lights.

Responsive to movement, sound and position, and customizable to play a variety of instruments or soundscapes.
The projections on the walls are controlled by the stars, with your movement as the primary input.

It can be easily integrated into your events’ current set-up, lighting & sound system, allowing deep levels of immersion

💫 10 light spheres hang from the roof of a dome (or your own space). 

💫 Interaction: The 10 stars are soft and react to the participants, responding to touch, movement and sound. 

💫 Modes and Games: There are several programs that can be run, depending on the theme, needs and resources of the event. There are interactive games, ambient lights, and different soundscapes that can be created by interacting with the stars.

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We design experiences customized especially for your event. We enjoy designing the greeting experience of your guests and creating installations and performances that evolve over time.

🌟Transform your venue into a captivating and immersive environment.
🌟Engage your attendees with personal, interactive performances.
reate meaningful and unforgettable moments.

Ready to turn your event vision into reality? 
Write us and let’s talk!


Kia Kali and Alex Kaos are an artist duo based in Berlin, Germany. 

We are performers, multidisciplinary creators and experience facilitators with over a decade of experience creating immersive spaces for wonder and introspection, as well as interactive activities and inspiring rituals.

We work with fire, lights, video art, spatial transformation, and psychological and ceremonial experience design, creating artistic journeys that are personal and participatory.

With our creations, we aspire to evoke a sense of wonder and self-exploration, and offer an experience that resonates deeply and brings meaning.


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